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Under The Gun: Matt Vernon
Written by Trey Daly

To kick off this week's interviews Impact Baseball traveled out to Davie County High School to sit down with Mr. Matt Vernon. Matt is eagerly awaiting the start of his senior campaign. Vernon has high hopes for his club this season and looks to guide the troops to another 4A baseball playoff appearance.

Name: Matt Vernon
High School: Davie County High School
Position: INF
Graduation: 2013
College Commitment: NC State

What are your expectations for Davie County this year?

We are not very deep on the mound, but we will compete with what we have. Our lineup should be pretty good; we have some guys that can swing the stick. Other key players that will contribute greatly are infielder Nick Boswell who has signed with Liberty, and pitcher Jeremy Walker who has signed with Gardner Webb.
What are the strengths of the club?

Two major strengths of our club are our team speed and our hitters.

What's a typical day like for Matt Vernon?

Wake up, shower, eat a good breakfast and then I head to school. After school I hit and long toss, when I get home from school I either go to the gym and do an upper body workout, or on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I go to Athletic Republic to work on speed, agility, and lower body.
What's the most exciting game you have ever been a part of?

The most exciting game had to be last summer when we (Dirtbags) played against FTB Chandler in FT. Myers, Florida. The game went into extra innings, and we ended up winning. The game was so exciting because it was the most competitive game I have ever played in. There was over 20 division one commits between the two teams.

Who's the best player you have ever played with?

Corey Seager.

Who's the best younger player out there?

Braxton Davidson.

All these high school players have nicknames, what's yours?


If you could face any guy on the bump, who would it be?

It would have to be Justin Verlander from Detroit. I want to face the best there is so I could really understand how much work it is going to take to be able to play at the big league level.
What have you been doing to prepare yourself to play at N.C. State?

Right now, I am really focusing on getting faster so I can be more versatile. I am also working on increasing my arm strength, and hitting the ball to the opposite field. 

We know you and Wood Myers (UNC Commit) are good buddies, give us a good story during the friendship?

Since I lived with Wood this past summer I had to helped work a baseball camp at Durham Jordan High School. We had a great time teaching younger kids all of the stuff that we have learned so far throughout our career.  We really enjoyed trying to coach the kids; however I found out that coaching was harder than it looks. Wood and I struggled because we didn't know how to teach it we just knew how to do it.
Tell me your version of the fishing adventure that took place with Wood Myers, Coach Partin and yourself?

First of all, Andy cheated us because he took us to foreign waters. The lake was basically in Andy's back yard. Coach Partin beat us, but it seemed like he had been there before seeing he caught the most fish while staying in the same spot the whole time. Although Andy only beat us by one, he definitely caught one of the biggest bass I have ever seen. At the end of the day I still felt like a winner because I caught the most trees.

If you were going to play a sport and it wasn't baseball, what would it be?

It would have to be Football, I played all the way up the 8th grade.

Below I will give you some names, describe in one word what comes to mind when you hear their names?

Chipper Jones: Consistent
Bobby Cox:
Robinson Cano: Swag
Kobe Bryant: Greatness
Megan Fox (Actor): WOW
Si Robertson (Duck Dynasty): Hysterical
Ryder Jones: Superstar
Nathan Hood: Country

 For all your fans out there, how can they get in touch with Matt Vernon?

Follow me on twitter @m_vernon4

We would like to thank Matt Vernon for his "Under The Gun" interview. Best of luck to Davie County High School and Mr. Vernon this season.

Stay tuned for more interviews....