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Under The Gun: Davis Kirkpatrick
Written by Trey Daly

Impact Baseball traveled to 3A powerhouse D.H. Conley High School located in Winterville, North Carolina to interview the future East Carolina Pirate Davis Kirkpatrick. Davis is one of the top two way player in the state of North Carolina. Davis is a very unique young man playing for Vikings, he is the Quaterback on the gridiron and the catalysis on the diamond for D.H. Conley. 

Name: Davis Kirkpatrick
High School: D.H. Conley
Position: Shortstop/Pitcher
Graduation: 2013
College Commitment: East Carolina

You are one of the best two sport athletes (Football QB and Baseball) in North Carolina. What would you point your success toward?

I would point my success to God, hard work and dedication. Also having support from my family.

Being the son of a college coach (Donnie Kirkpatrick- East Carolina Football Coach), how has that helped you develop into the athlete you are today?

It has given me a lot of opportunities to see what has to be done to play any sport at a high level.

What is the best advice your father has ever given you?

Before every game he tells me "play hard, play smart, and have fun"... I try to play by this quote

What are your expectations for your senior year at D.H. Conley?

My expectations are to make it past the first round of playoffs preferably the state championship; we have the players to make it happen.

Would you rather be in the batter's box or on the bump with the game on the line?

I would rather be in the batter's box; I love to have the bat in my hands when the game is on the line.

If you could give advice to a youngster out there playing baseball, what would it be?

Always give 110%. Leave everything on the field, have no regrets.

If you could have sit down and pick the brain of anyone, who would it be and why?

Albert Einstein, so I could see what it's like to be a genius.

If you could describle yourself in one word, what would it be?


What are your hobbies outside of baseball?

My hobbies outside of baseball are playing football, basketball and eating.

What's your favorite fast food restaurant?


What's your Super Bowl prediction?

San Francisco 49ers (24-14)

Impact Baseball would like to thank Davis Kirkpatrick for his "Under The Gun" interview. We would like to wish him and the Vikings the best of luck this spring... More to come here from Impact Baseball