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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some helpful FAQs..


What is Impact Baseball All About?

Impact Baseball is the most advanced and progressive high school baseball scouting and player information service in the Carolinas. Our goal is to identify as many of the top prospects as we possibly can. The Impact Baseball scouting team travels throughout the Carolinas looking for top prospects. We also rely on a web of contacts throughout the region for assistance.

Impact Baseball's goal is to assist college coaches and professional scouts in identifying and recruiting prospects. We do this in many ways. We have our website: http://www.impactbaseball.com/ and we host several "prospect showcase" events, I.D. Camps, as well as team tournaments. These are just a few ways we make the lives of coaches and scouts easier while aiding players with greater college and professional baseball exposure.


What is an Impact Baseball Showcase?

This is where a large body of players will receive an opening to display their talents and skills before the Impact Baseball scout team, and an abundance of college recruiters and professional scouts. The showcase will provide each participant the opportunity to exhibit all of their talents and abilities through workouts and organized games over 1-3 days, usually at one location.

Who gets invited to the Impact Baseball Showcases?

For our "Underclassman" and "Unsigned Senior" showcases, we allow players to sign-up without being selected by our staff by printing off the profile form from our website. We also have strict "invite only" showcases where we hand pick the players to invite.

Can you nominate a player for an Impact Baseball Showcase?

Yes. We ask that parents, coaches, players, etc. provide this information to us so we may follow up and potentially invite these players to our upcoming events. Please include detailed player information, and detailed contact information.

How many college coaches and professional scouts attend Impact Baseball Showcases?

Well over 100 different colleges and pro clubs attend our showcases throughout the year. We host regional type events, targeting players from selected areas. This in turn draws numerous college coaches and scouts from that selected region. All players that attend our showcase events are created a profile in our prospect database which is utilized by an abundance of coaches and scouts. So even if a coach or scout is not in attendance at a particular event, they still learn all about each player and recruit them with the information we provide them.

How does a player land in the Impact Baseball Prospect Database?

The players listed in our Prospect Database are those who attend our individual showcase events, and/or are prospects we feel that have the up-most aptitude and projectablity to compete at the collegiate and/or professional level. This process is very difficult so there will be talented players who are left off the lists.

Who do you consider a "Prospect?"

A prospect to Impact Baseball must parade at least one high-grade baseball tool. The player needs to manifest the ability to progress and play college and/or professional baseball after high school.