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Author: Eric Leary
The Phraseology of Baseball - Part I
| News | 08/22/2012
Have you heard any good games lately?  That's right, I said heard.  No, no on the radio - which by...
The Phraseology of Baseball - Part II
| News | 08/22/2012
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If the first glimpse of all the stuff that gets said at baseball games across the land was good for ...
| News | 03/04/2012
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As the spring has sprung and players are bouncing around hoping their wrist bands and their shoes ma...
Coaching the Role Player with the TEAM
| News | 02/27/2012
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As team rosters for the high school coach are at this point complete and the scrimmages have given w...
Waiting to Hit
| News | 02/06/2012
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Don’t you hate to wait? Standing in line … at the light … TV commercials … Impatience is as ...
Controlling Tempo
| News | 01/13/2012
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Ever been to a game where one team seems to be out of rhythm, or out of sorts - unable to match thei...
The Game of Baseball – A to Z
| News | 01/03/2012
With the Spring fast approaching, as we get ready to play the games,Prepare to scroll through our li...
Five “to do’s” for Coaches
| News | 12/21/2011
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As the off-season slowly trudges along, coaches are preparing for those spring months of the calenda...
Infield Play - Drilling for Gold
| News | 12/08/2011
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A round of infield ... getting some fungos during BP ... "I'm good."  The proverbial gold glove is ...
Wacky Baseball Plays
| News | 12/05/2011
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This one just came on me all of the sudden folks.  Sitting here recollecting and reminiscing, I beg...
Recipe for a Championship
| News | 12/01/2011
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With the high school season looming and anticipation high for programs across the state it brings to...
5 Suggestions to Be a Better Hitter
| News | 11/18/2011
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Arguably, one of the most exciting aspects of the game of baseball is hitting.  Putting the ball in...
Build Your Program Around Rundowns!
| News | 09/29/2011
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What a novel idea.  Take a play that happens in a game on an impromptu occasion focus the team’s ...
No "Yeah, But," "My Bad!" Or "Oh Yeah" Guys Allowed
| News | 09/22/2011
As a high school baseball coach, I have recognized a trend in athlete behavior. Whenever faced with ...
Catching the Baseball
| News | 08/15/2011
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Of all of the tasks to be executed by the catcher, one stands out as the most vital.  And while it ...